Hands with GlobeEach living day we are blessed to dance on Mother Earth, our form briefly blocking a few rays of our mighty star, casting a temporal image on the lay of the land.

Spirit beckons, “Unearth the voice of the soul!”

The planted seed cracks open, pierces the thick crusts of ego, reaches up toward the light.

It is the daily genesis of being. The privilege of briefly being before we merge back into the eternal womb.

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Dawning Resolutions

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Remember only the very best of it. The moments of healing, having wind in your sails, feeling peaceful inside. Thank everyone who passed your way. No exceptions. Thank them for the highs, the lows, all the laughter and all the … Continue reading

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Small Stuff

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Lean in. Look closely. Small things are waiting to dazzle you. A subtle shift in the breeze. A seedling sprouting up through the soil. The veins of a fallen leaf baked brown. A sparrow hopping beneath your feet at the … Continue reading

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Forgive everyone of everything. Bundle your umbrages in a sack and dump them in the trash bin. Better yet, send a note of gratitude to everyone who ever hurt you. Confess the bitterness, then confirm the release. Ask for their … Continue reading

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Getting Lost

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Even the gentlest wind whisper poems of love to the miracle of being. The trees breathe us with majesty, exhaling life into our veins. As Mother Earth spins through the heavens in a dance to our bedazzling star, she holds … Continue reading

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Walking on Water

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It’s always personal… what I feel moved to share. Yet this is most personal, and as I write, tears of sadness and joy flow down my cheeks like mighty rivers flooding to the sea. Twenty-two years ago, I moved from … Continue reading

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Free Falling

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Your body is a spiritual ecosystem. A song. A poem. Come alive! Use it to create rituals of rhythmic movement. Bow down to the earth, reach up to the sky. Experience yourself as the juncture between heaven and earth. Let wild … Continue reading

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