Stillness & Silence

Stillness & Silence

Stillness and silence are at the very heart of Yoga.

Sacred texts from the Upanishads to the Bhagavad-Gita and Yoga Sutras beckon us to calm our busy minds and seek stillness and silence. It is in this sacred space that we slip into the grace of the present moment, find meditation and hear the whisper of our soul. We shift from the frenetic pace of our lives, the constant striving and doing, the chatter and noise, to a state of pure being. In this sense we move from Human Doings to Human Beings.

From an Ayurvedic viewpoint, stillness and silence are medicine for body, mind and soul.  The parasympathetic nervous system is allowed to engage, physical and emotional stress is released, we are harmonized and rebalanced. This process is essential for the unfolding of Spirit.

This week, Deep Yoga invites you to experience stillness and silence through these practices:

  • Find an hour or two for silence, even while getting on with your day.
  • Take time to be still each morning and evening, following your breath and disengaging from your thoughts.
  • Tune out from mass media, spending less time with TV, radio and other distractions.
  • Get into nature and practice stillness & silence with your eyes wide open, drinking in the beauty around you.


About Bhava Ram

Bhava Ram ( is a former NBC Foreign Correspondent who healed from a broken back and diagnosis of terminal cancer through the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. His memoir, Warrior Pose, How Yoga Literally Saved My Life, details this healing journey and is scheduled to be a feature film in 2016. Bhava is the co-founder of the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts ( and is an author, teacher, lecturer, musician and spiritual counselor. He and his wife, Laura Plumb, lead trainings and retreats in California, Europe and India.
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